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Monday, February 3, 2014

Feb 03 2012 or What I photographed while I'm supposed to be driving

 photo 2014_02_03EOSDIGITALREBELXT0509_zpse736a06c.jpg

 photo 2014_02_03EOSDIGITALREBELXT0513_zpsb9bc9517.jpg

 photo 2014_02_03EOSDIGITALREBELXT0514_zps3fb22a6f.jpg

 photo 2014_02_03EOSDIGITALREBELXT0516_zpsf0a2a4a3.jpg

 photo 2014_02_03EOSDIGITALREBELXT0518_zpsb686b97f.jpg

 photo 2014_02_03EOSDIGITALREBELXT0519_zps3cfe8870.jpg


jadedj said...

Alive and photographically well I see ;-)

Doug said...

So far so good, JJ :-)