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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

So, I've been hanging out on Facebook...

..and I haven't felt like blogging. I tell myself that I'll start up again, and I've even renewed my domain name, but I'm not sure if this is really me any more. Anyway, I had to visit a laundromat because the washer here is unavailable, so I took me camera with me, just in case.

 photo 2014_01_08EOSDIGITALREBELXT0435_zps97d9d467.jpg

 photo 2014_01_08EOSDIGITALREBELXT0430_zps76a398ba.jpg

 photo 2014_01_08EOSDIGITALREBELXT0436_zpsf097d5f5.jpg

 photo 2014_01_08EOSDIGITALREBELXT0438_zps5a39ad93.jpg

 photo 2014_01_08EOSDIGITALREBELXT0439_zps22971380.jpg

 photo 2014_01_08EOSDIGITALREBELXT0440BW_zps3ed0abe2.jpg

 photo 2014_01_08EOSDIGITALREBELXT0441_zps36beba07.jpg

 photo smokingnshit2_zpsb6363e53.jpg

 photo smokingnshit_zps90272161.jpg