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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Some recent pics that I like

I posted these in a photography group on Facebook but I should be sharing with everyone :-)

 photo RXT_20130928_0134_zpsad6c198d.jpg

 photo DougLawson2013_09_253644_zpsbe81a1e5.jpg

 photo DougLawson2013_09_253624_zps5fc5fa61.jpg

 photo DougLawson2013_09_253619_zps1774ed4f.jpg

 photo DSC_0003small_zpscc1a15ed.jpg


jadedj said...

Man I love me some contrast. I especially love that first one, but the others in a different way.

Doug said...

Thanks, JJ. I think the first one was the best shot of the week, which ever week it was ;-)

intelliwench said...

Yes, yes - you should share with everyone! Great shots!

Doug said...

Duly noted, Intell :-) Thanks!