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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Here and there

 photo 2013-0831_zps8e7406a9.jpg

 photo 2013-0798_zpscf767d29.jpg

 photo 2013-0786_zps10a60be3.jpg

 photo 2013-0768_zps0f518c0e.jpg

 photo 2013-0767_zpsee9e7223.jpg


lowandslow said...

The fog in the 4th photo reminds me of what we had here today. I wonder what the story is behind the log house?


jadedj said...

Well you must abeen there...'cause you haven't abeen here.

It was worth the wait though.

Doug said...

S, it was likely an outbuilding. Or a really crappy house :-)

I abeen on Facebook a lot, JJ. I stop in to blog once in a while. I have lots of backlog, but I can't decide which of them I want to post.