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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Bunch o' stuff

 photo DougLawson2013_08_212548_zps97139c0a.jpg

 photo DougLawson2013_08_212517_zpsc73529e6.jpg

 photo DougLawson2013_08_212531_zps28a83c18.jpg

 photo DougLawson2013_08_182458_zps6b5dff79.jpg

 photo DougLawson2013_08_212559_zpsffccd7ed.jpg

 photo DougLawson2013_09_163157_zps4f677eb0.jpg


Lowandslow said...

Somebody must have gotten themselves a great deal on some surplus yellow paint. Now that truck.....WOW! Does it look remarkably well restored/kept!


jadedj said...

I'm with Lowandslow...gimme that truck!

intelliwench said...

Interesting contrast on the bench w/the sandal - it tricked my eyes at first!

Doug said...

S and JJ, you'd have to wrest it from the owner of the Kingston Brewing Company :-) It's a 1947 International (former) Paddy Wagon from Ottawa and built in Hamilton ON.

Intell, the sandal is a bit of a strange color, almost matches the background.