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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Only posting because I haven't in a while

 photo DougLawson2013_08_142423_zps5716645d.jpg

 photo DougLawson2013_08_172431_zps286684b6.jpg

 photo 20130817_IMG_1279_zpsec37926a.jpg

 photo 20130817_IMG_1282_zps7e65ec85.jpg

 photo DougLawson2013_08_182450_zpsfb260591.jpg


intelliwench said...

I like the foggy scene. I think I've been posting more frequently than you have lately - the universe is out of balance!

Doug said...

Yeah, what's up with that? :-)

jadedj said...

I hope the voice hasn't stopped talking to you.

The tree is my favorite. Although...it looks suspiciously like the tree on the hill in the Many Splendored girl flick of yore.

Nevermind. Glad you posted, Doug.

Doug said...

I'm taking lots of pics and have a backlog, JJ. I just have been unwilling to sort out the snapshots from the halfways decent ones, so I just look at them instead.