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Thursday, August 29, 2013


 photo DougLawson2013_08_032161_zps48cd5e5f.jpg

 photo DougLawson2013_08_032170_zpsc782841f.jpg

 photo DougLawson2013_08_032176_zpsde9edf4b.jpg

 photo DougLawson2013_08_032188_zps25daa3f8.jpg

A wedding party came through the Toucan and took some shots at the bar.

 photo DougLawson2013_08_032197_zpsa92b01cc.jpg


jadedj said...

I love candid and these are particularly good ones ;-)

Doug said...

Thanks, JJ. They don't usually know they're being photographed or are too slow to react :-)