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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Odds and ends, oddly endless

 photo EOSREBELT3i2013_07_291819_zps164d6990.jpg

 photo EOSREBELT3i2013_07_291821_zps0869b89a.jpg

 photo DougLawson2013_07_301826edit_zps1e23edf7.jpg

 photo DougLawson2013_07_311839_zpsa897b252.jpg

I wanted to call this last one "Satgat on a Sasquatch", but I didn't.

 photo DougLawson2013_07_311840_zpsc291d2b5.jpg


jadedj said...

"Satgat on a Sasquatch"...hahahahahahahahaha...very clever...and pointed...vadaboom!

Doug said...

I'll be here all week! (Try the veal.)