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Friday, June 28, 2013

Waiting for a bus, caught a cab.

These shots were gamma reduced to .68 in Irfanview. The second pic is of a bus moving to the right of the frame, the third shot captured a taxi (the orange roof light) and the fourth is a bus moving toward the left of the frame. All shot at f/13, ISO 100 and 30 sec.

 photo 20130628_00978_zps473a140d.jpg

 photo 20130628_00980_zps89aa0436.jpg

 photo 20130628_00981_zps0945c778.jpg

 photo 20130628_00982_zpsacc6fac1.jpg


jadedj said...

Cool pics, but I have no idea (in my picture taking ignorance) what that other stuff is ;)

Wait a minute...it's the humpers again!

Doug said...

Known as a speed table, but not everyone reduces their speed for it, JJ ;-)