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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Not done yet

Sculpture at the Rogers Center (SkyDome)

 photo T3i_2013_05_15_1027_zps14c146c6.jpg

I like this "Soho Hotel"

 photo T3i_2013_05_15_1031_zps5d6a8de4.jpg

The back side of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation studios.

 photo T3i_2013_05_15_1034_zps5505114d.jpg

Your guess is as good as mine.

 photo T3i_2013_05_15_1035_zpsfcde3d31.jpg

Roy Thomson Hall, home of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

 photo T3i_2013_05_15_1036_zps4a669548.jpg

Now I'm done. That's enough pics of Toronto.


Lowandslow said...

Love the little cartoon figures (?) on the exterior of the SkyDome. Somebody has a real sense of humor. ;)


Doug said...

I think the guy on the bottom right is giving his opinion to the ump :-)

jadedj said...

And the guy in the middle, top row...looking into the SOHO Hotel?

What's with the donkeys?

Doug said...

JJ, he'd be ogling the chicks on Front St.

Those are rabbit/dog creatures sculpted by Cynthia Short "Remembered Sustenance"