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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

More shiny and a selfie

 photo T3i_2013_05_15_1000_zps9eb79353.jpg

 photo T3i_2013_05_15_1004_zpsa28c945b.jpg

 photo T3i_2013_05_15_1010_zpse619898c.jpg

 photo T3i_2013_05_15_1017_zps0e28aa4f.jpg


jadedj said...

It's good to stop and reflect now and then.

BTW, these are dynamite!

Lowandslow said...

Some nice posterior shots in the mirrored glass. :)

If you were to walk around town here taking pictures of tall buildings, our Federales would invite you in for interogation. Sad, huh?


Doug said...

Thank you, JJ! I do love me some reflections.

I didn't notice, S ;-)
Photographing anything public is legal, but that has never stopped a fed who doesn't know it to harass you :-)