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Sunday, March 3, 2013


Except for the last pic, these are macro shots taken with my ultra-wide lens on an extension tube. I was able to get real close :-)

 photo 20130228_00682_zpsc19a244e.jpg

 photo 20130228_00681_zps57d275fd.jpg

 photo 20130228_00678_zps765e07c5.jpg

 photo 20130228_00675_zpscc3aaead.jpg

 photo 20130228_00673_zps591b880f.jpg

 photo T3i_2013_02_24_0316_zps30c10cca.jpg


jadedj said...

Great idea and very nice. I especially like the last one.

Doug said...

I have a bunch of cars to photograph :-)

Lowandslow said...

I like your subject matter. :)


Doug said...

I'll shoot some more, S :-)