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Monday, March 4, 2013

Macros again

One of several Remembrance Day designs for our 25 cent piece.

 photo 20130301_00699_zpsfa7857e5.jpg

A Timex Indiglo.

 photo 20130301_00710_zps03aa56fb.jpg

I received this in my change instead of a loonie.

 photo 20130301_00714_zps96cb3d91.jpg

Bicycle chain and zipper slider.

 photo 20130301_00718_zpsfb2864b0.jpg

1/4" ball bearing on bicycle chain.

 photo T3i_2013_03_02_0327_zps1ef350b0.jpg


jadedj said...

1.4" ball bearing is my favorite.

OK, my south of the border ignorance...what is a loonie...in this context, that is.

Doug said...

A Cdn dollar:-)

jadedj said...


Why is it called a loonie?

Doug said...

Most of them have an embossed loon on the front.