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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sunday sunrise

I shot 70 photos on Sunday morning between 6:50 and 8:25 AM. Here's a few. If there are any gray blobs in them, those were taken with the ultra-wide on the Rebel XT. It has a dirty sensor :-)







jadedj said...

Gray blobs or no...they're damned nice!

Lowandslow said...

I especially like those top two. I'm always awed by a solidly frozen lake. Where I'm from that never happens.

I tagged you in a "Who are you" exercise". (See my blog from a couple days ago.) Will you play along, please?? ;)


intelliwench said...

Looks damn cold - how'd you manage to hold the camera steady? :-)

Doug said...

JJ, thanks! I think maybe the real glass on the ultra-wide had some dust. I can't see anything on the sensor.

Thank you, S. I will have a look at yours and write one! :-)

I spent most of the time in the car, Intell, just getting out for a few minutes at a time. It was only -20C/-4F :-)

Doug said...

JJ, I mean the rear glass. I don't own any plastic lenses yet, but perhaps there's a Lens Baby in my future :-)