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Friday, December 14, 2012

New World Order

In the far off future, from the view of the early 21st Century, long past when all generations living at the time were dead, a new world order had emerged. The UN, having been underfunded and underperforming for many years, was superceded by a new council. The major powers tried to establish complete control, but each superpower stood by their own smaller allies, protecting them from the machinations of the other powers. This led to council decisions managed and voted by all members great and small.

Europe, the Americas and the Middle East joined with the Asian countries and formed an new currency, legal in all markets, and not subject to the whim of money traders and international banks. Some countries were, of course, still poor. Some still had perhaps more than they needed, but international aid was easier to obtain for the poorer nations.

Wars and crime had not been abolished, but their severity and frequency were greatly reduced. With the added votes of most of the world's nations, wars became infrequent and quickly put down by a truly international police system. The naysayers of the 22nd Century fretted about losing their rights, but the end result was actually having more rights; the right to health care, the right to vote, the right to live free without the fear of becoming victims of armed and dangerous civilians. The governments did not take away their citizens' guns. Over the course of history, the citizens gave them up on their own. There were still people with guns, of course, but these weapons were heavily regulated.

Each continent handled this gun overload in their own way. Europe had strict controls for many years, and in China and Russia, guns were primarily only available to the military. Those nations had an easier time. In the Americas, it took longer.

First, it took brave legislation on the part of the US government to restrict the manufacture of all guns to a small percentage of the population, yearly. Semi-automatic weapons of all types were banned, but not seized if they were already in the hands of owners. However, any crime involving a firearm, was more severely dealt with, by longer sentences, and an automatic death sentence in the case of murder. It was here that the Chinese but American-born president got creative...

All 50 states were required to instate or re-instate the death penalty. All executions were carried out by firing squad. All firing squads were comprised of legal gun owners, selected randomly by the state, and as in jury duty, anyone selected had to comply. Soldiers, police, border guards and prison guards were exempt, as were farmers who could prove a need for a gun. If a selected squad member refused to take part, he or she was placed in a secure position not farther than ten yards from the condemmed prisoner. Executions were televised. After fifty years or so, these provisions were removed as millions of people gave up their guns in disgust.

The gun reduction in Latin America was another major undertaking that succeeded partly because of the censure of the world council members, who refused to trade with Latin America until they achieved control of the drug smugglers and crime syndicates. The other part was the eventual willingness to accept world police help in eliminating the drug lords and their armies.

Canada and Australia tightened their regulations up a bit.


John0 Juanderlust said...

Very interesting scenario. Thought provoking for sure.

You'd know the one's to watch by who enjoyed firing squad duty far too much. I'll bet many would come away never wanting to go near it again, though.

Lowandslow said...

Very interesting. Did you write this?


Doug said...

Guilty :-)

Patricia said...

Firing squad duty for gun owners is a brilliant idea.

jadedj said...

I love the story and the writing, but I'm not very optimistic at the moment.

Of course all of this would require a MAJOR shift in attitude here in the U.S. The "pry it out of my dead hands" element is still strong.

I am convinced that we definitely need to ban the sale of assault type weapons, but we also need to take it a step further and ban the sale of rim-fire cartridges. Even at that, there will be crazies who can still find a way to obtain weapons for mass murder. So, the mental health issue needs to be addressed as well...a hell of a lot to expect out of a "John Wayne", highly military worshiping society.

Doug said...

Hence my "far in the future" scenario, JJ. The mental health issue needs to be addressed, but maybe just taking their guns away is a start. Thanks for reading and commenting.