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Monday, August 27, 2012

Have a seat... (edited with a new link)

I've taken a few photos of chairs and benches over the last five years. A few people on the other blog site I frequent have finally noticed that feral furniture isn't only found in my home town. The link below will take you to a rather large album of seating devices, only some of them abandoned. I hope you enjoy it.

Chairs and benches


jadedj said...

Doug when I click on it, I get a Google thing about updating to Google plus. No photos. Ahem, this doesn't "sit" well with me.

Doug said...

JJ, the album is public. I'm always logged in so I'm directed to Google+ automatically, but there may be a step for others I don't see. Signing up for Google+ is not a requirement to see the album. Sorry, dude. I'll see if I can change something to make it accessible.

Doug said...

Hopefully, it's fixed.

jadedj said...

Yeah what threw me is that I stay signed in as well. I also went to my Photobucket site and couldn't find yours from there.

I'll try again.

jadedj said...

Worked this time :-)

You are on to a mighty fine series here, Doug.

I find it interesting that we have so many places and ways to sit on our arses. Not to mention using them as soap boxes, as well (the bench ((third one)) )

Doug said...

Thanks, JJ. I thought of putting it up on Photobucket. For for some reason thought it would be easier to be seen at Google :-)

A bench makes a hell of a billboard, or a platform for rants.