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Sunday, June 10, 2012

A dumpster gave me wood...

...and I used it to build a bed frame (finally got rid of the coffee cans holding it up) and a bench for my balcony. A local store discarded a solid maple bread display, so I took apart the base and put it in my car. I grabbed one of the shelves as well. With my brother's help, we cut the legs down from 28" to 7", and used some of the leftover wood for the legs for my bench. I like free materials. However, I did spend $65 for the interior slab doors that make up the platform. They can always be recycled into...doors, I guess.





jadedj said...

Wow, nice wood. It's unbelievable the shit people throw out instead of recycling. Good job, man.

Doug said...

Thanks, JJ. Just couldn't let it go to waste when I needed a sturdy bed frame and a place to sit on my balcony :-)