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Sunday, February 12, 2012

At the water park. My photos die in 18 days.

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Imageshack no longer has unlimited storage for photos; unless I spring for a pro account all of my photos before July 2011 will expire. As I don't wish to pay for that, and no one is going to look at those entries anyway, I'm going to let them expire. For now I will keep the entries and any comments, but the photo links in those entries will no longer work after Mar 1 2012. The photos here were uploaded to Photobucket, and all of my edited photos on my extra pages will have to be uploaded there as well. I've been with imageshack since May 05 and have 8632 photos there, but not for long.


John0 Juanderlust said...

It's a lot of work and a ot of storage but can't you download to a hard-drive; either the blog entries, including images, or just images?
I lost my photobucket password and the apparently still had a defunct email address and ignored my backup. Not good. Same happened on one youtube account.
I hope you have your photos stored somewhere offline as well. Things go awry online.

Doug said...

John, I have all my originals. The ones at imageshack are resized and smaller for the web, but it would be a pain to recode all of my entries. So I'm not going to do that :-)

jadedj said...

I feel your pain.

BTW, that first one is dynamite!