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Sunday, October 2, 2011

People having fun, mostly.

The Fall Fair was two weeks ago and I took a lot of photos. I couldn't pick out the ones I wanted and I didn't want to post them all in a blog, so here's a link to the album on Picasa.

Fall Fair, Kingston ON 2011


Lowandslow said...

Our State Fair started a 3 week run this past Friday. As we haven't been in a few years I'm thinking it's time to go and see the sights, both human and man-made, and eat some decadently unhealthy food. Yours looked like fun. :)


Doug said...

I was just passing through at the end of the night, but I managed to get a few shots I liked :-)

intelliwench said...

I hope you ate a funnel cake for me :-)

Doug said...

Alas, Intell, I had only $2 in my pocket :-(