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Monday, July 25, 2011

Time. Yellow.

Its name is Time.

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Yellow is so cheerful, don't you think?
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jadedj said...

I thought yellow was mellow.

Lowandslow said...

Love that top sculpture. Nice! :)


Doug said...

Je ne suis pas un béjaune avec jaune, JJ.

It was Time for a new photo of it, S. Thanks!

jadedj said...

Of course you knew my dumb ass was going to have to look it up.

Two different translations:

I am not a whether he be a fool with yellow

I am not a greenhorn with yellow

It is good to know that you aren't a whether.

And hey, I do like the sculpture, btw.

Breath-e said...

I don't know french...can you do it in German?

jadedj said...

Oh God Breath-e, not to butt in but, please don't encourage him. I already know the answer.

Doug said...

JJ, I did indeed mean "greenhorn". I really like how that particular photo of Time turned out. Thank you.

Breath-e, I'll work on it :-)