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Friday, July 8, 2011

Symphony for strings and polyurethane wheels

This fellow was practicing his violin in a parking lot stairwell. Yeah, this was a shot from the hip, that's why the crazy angle.
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I missed a rear wheel stand by this guy.
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jadedj said...

I love that first photo...I mean REALLY LOVE IT. But, I must also tell you, repairing his violin is not what it looks like he's doing...from my twisted view, that is.

Number two - I am sorry you missed that because I haven't a clue as to what a wheel stand is, and would like to have seen one. Nice shot, though.

Hey, I know a guy who has a two piece cello for sale. He listed it on craigslist (u.s. version).

That bike has polywhatsit wheels? Nah. BTW, I'm thinking the dude on the board has a slanted view of it all.

Doug said...

He seemed to play very well, not that I'm a jugde of violin music.

The front wheels were in the air. I was too slow to catch it. I might have another chance. There seems to be skateboarders on that street fairly often.

I saw that :-)

He has better balance than I, JJ.