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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Photo details you can have. Life details... no.

Buildings in the village where I spent my first 14 years.
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Storefront window, Princess St.
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Next door to my apartment building.
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Bird feeder in the courtyard outside the Toucan.
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intelliwench said...

Ah, but your photos do give a few clues about you -- and I don't just mean "those" photos ;-)

Doug said...

I bare all in my photography, Intell :-)

jadedj said...

Whoa. I definitely missed something. I better get over here more often.

BTW, I liked what little I saw of your village.

Doug said...

We never close, JJ. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Where do I buy a weather vane?

Doug said...

I bet the ones you see on your travels are much more interesting than that one, A :-)